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10 Reasons Why You Deserve the Best Skin Care

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10 Reasons Why You Deserve the Best Skin Care RoseSkinCo Petal Facial Cleanser 10 Reasons Why You Deserve the Best Skin Care RoseSkinCo Petal Facial Cleanser

According to the World Bank data of 2015, 49.59% are females and 38.9% of the labor force is composed of us too. Of the total female population, Pew Research says around 29% of females stay at home to either take care of their families or handle their own home-based businesses. Either way, women lead busy lives whatever career path they choose. Staying at home is also a challenging career perhaps not everyone will understand.


Plates will be full, tasks may go overboard that one will no longer have the time to even acknowledge they need to take care of their skin. No matter the career choice made, every single female deserves the best skincare there is and we've listed 10 Reasons Why:


  1. Your skin is your shield.


Your skin, as per Forefront Dermatology, is about 15% of your total body weight. As you are exposed to millions of viruses and bacteria daily, it is your skin that protects you from them all. With that said, you need to make sure that you only get the best skincare available to nurture that shield and continue to protect you from any of those virus threats.


  1. You deserve to be healthy.


Because who doesn't, right? Well, according to Forefront Dermatology, an average person is composed of 300 million skin cells. It sounds fairly enough to make us look healthy but when we forget to take the well-deserved skincare that we actually need. Relying on the number of skin cells that we think will continuously make us look healthy is not enough.


Imagine the dust that we get to battle within and out of the house. Imagine the stress our skin has to go through every single day. We need to do something to have healthy-looking skin. One effective way is giving your skin deep cleansing through the use of the RoseSkin Co Petal Facial Cleansing Brush. It's no longer enough to just wash your face like that because you're surely aware that you need to get deep under your skin so at least you may get rid of 99% dirt, residue, oil, and even dead skin.


  1. You have to feel great.


Surprisingly, our skin houses millions of live bacteria. But these are the types that fight harmful bacteria that hinders us from feeling great every single day of our lives. It’s not easy to achieve our goals when our skin is irritated. We’ll always feel uneasy.


Making sure that these fighters are in-tact, following the best skincare regime is certainly recommended.


  1. You have to look amazing.


As per ForeFront Dermatology, an average person is composed of 2 square meters of skin that usually weighs about 9 lbs. This is enough proof that our confidence to face daily challenges would add up soon as our skin is well taken care of in as much as we take care of the excessive hair that makes us feel uncomfortable at times.


Yes, you have to look amazing and one of the best ways is through the best facial cleansing skincare that only aims to make your skin appear and feel healthy.



  1. Your skin helps your body make sure its temperature is kept at a constant level.


As the skin regulates our body's temperature as per Everyday Health, it means there are certain adjustments that it makes when the temperature rises or goes down. When it's hot, the sweat glands make sure to cool our body down while when it's cold, our blood vessels work to tighten and limit the regulation of hot blood to reach our skin so there's no heat loss at all.


However, when the skin doesn't get the care it deserves, feeling great during this rise and fall of temperature won't be easy. There are times when the skin feels irritated the moment it sweats or too dry when the temperature is cold. Considering the recommended skincare particularly deep facial cleansing will help a lot in making you still feel great.


  1. Your body needs to produce Vitamin D.


As mentioned above, the skin reacts according to the temperature it feels. Soon as it's exposed to sunlight, it produces Vitamin D that our body needs. Vitamin D helps support bone growth and boosts our immune system.


With improper skincare comes deficiency in Vitamin D. When the skin uses any form of sun protection, it does not produce enough of the said vitamin. Thinking of the best skincare? Consider checking which ones aren't harmful.


  1. You need to protect your body from the damaging ultraviolet light from the sun.


When you follow the best skincare, it also helps achieve keeping the outermost layer of your skin intact. With the overall hydration of the skin maintained, the skin is kept strong and healthy and becomes the primary shield from the harmful threats of the environment.


Have you ever tried a product that promises protection from the harmful ultraviolet light from the sun and failed? Find one that has proven results. The RoseSkinCo Petal Facial Cleansing Brush doesn't just scrub dirt, oil, and dead skin cells but it also relaxes your skin through its soft massager, ensuring comfort. So when stressed and threatened that your skin might fail protection, better take the skincare option that you deserve.


  1. You wish to react better to significant changes around you.


The only way you are able to react accordingly to certain changes around our environment is to feel and look comfortable with one of the largest parts of our body. When the skin gets either dry or irritated, it results in cracks which makes us vulnerable to infection. Another way to battle with this is finding unscented skincare or those that are gentle and proven effective moisturizers.


With this, no matter how tough the environment you're in, it won't be hard for you to make adjustments. It's easier to get through a busy day without having to battle with any more skin irritations at all.


  1. You are your skin.


You simply deserve the best skincare because it most likely describes you. While we understand that we lead busy lives no matter the career path we take, the way we take care of ourselves particularly the largest shield of our bodies - the skin, tells it all.


We are our skin. It defines us. Well, you may have a darker complexion now because you probably have been out and about. You may also look pale because you have been stressed. The way we are described is according to the lives we lead and how we take care of ourselves.


To some, facial skincare is a top priority probably because of the demands from work. To others, it's not just because of their jobs but because it's a part of their daily hygiene.



  1. You want to age gracefully.


We are always in awe of those women who'd still look young in their 50's. Not for anything but like us, they also wished to age gracefully. Good skincare is certainly a big part of their daily regime as it did well in slowing down the harmful environmental effects and time too.


Others may think that keeping the skin looking young and healthy means having to visit the spa but actually, the RoseSkinCo Petal Facial Cleansing brush may already achieve the results promised by these centers. Apart from the depth of cleansing, there too is that gentle pleasure of a massager including a pore exfoliator that makes sure you too will age gracefully.


Paired with discipline and consistency, who wouldn't want a young-looking skin? Take that best skincare in stride today not just because others are doing it but because you deserve a healthy-looking skin!