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4 reasons why you need to apply body lotion every day

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4 reasons why you need to apply body lotion every day 4 reasons why you need to apply body lotion every day

Applying body lotion has become a daily routine for many of us, regardless of whether we own 100 different moisturizers in different scents and consistency…or are just happy to have the one. 

Many leading dermatologists recommend that everybody should be applying a good quality moisturizer every day, especially right after you get out of the bath and shower. It’s essential to our hygiene routine, especially if you have sensitive and dry skin. 

Dry skin can occur for multiple reasons, whether caused by the climate, indoor heating, or simply genetics. No matter what, applying a good quality lotion can help to ease the rough patches and elevate the discomfort that comes with having cracked skin. But there are many benefits body lotions can provide, all of which have been tried and proven by skincare experts.

Here are the 4 main reasons why you need to apply body lotion every day: 

 1. Protect your skin

Although applying body lotion every day can help replenish dry skin by locking in the skin’s moisture, it can also work to protect your skin. Body lotions can sometimes work as a barrier to your skin, shielding your skin yourself from pollutants and other factors that could cause dryness or further skin irritation. Plus, when our skin is dehydrated, it can cause extra sensitivity when exposed to certain elements. So keeping your body moisturized with a lotion can help prevent and protect the skin from further issues. 

 2. Prevent early signs of aging 

Another factor that comes with skin dryness is early signs of aging. A well-hydrated body can help keep skin firm and boost collagen production, which helps maintain the skin’s natural elasticity. Since body lotions were designed to replenish and maintain a body’s natural moisture, applying it daily can help prevent early deep-set wrinkles in the future. It’s moisturising properties can also help your body look and feel radiant.

3. Prevent razor bumps 

There’s a reason why so many dermatologists recommend applying a generous amount of body lotion post-shaving. One is to prevent annoying razor bumps and rashes. Often, razor bumps can occur when the skin reacts to the razor blades, (which is why it’s crucial to replace the blades as regularly as possible) and when the skin itself is already very sensitive. Applying a hydrating body lotion can help soothe and heal your shaven area, especially if it contains Aloe Vera.

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