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How to use the Roseskinco Freya Precision Eyebrow Hair Trimmer

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How to use the Roseskinco Freya Precision Eyebrow Hair Trimmer How to use the Roseskinco Freya Precision Eyebrow Hair Trimmer

Our eyebrows can make or break a look – whether you're in your natural element or all glammed up.

We love a perfectly shaped eyebrow as much as the next beauty guru. But like any work of art, it takes time and dedication to maintain a good pair of brows. This is why when we created Freya (aka your eyebrow's new BFF), we wanted to take the plucking, the waxing, and the literal out of eyebrow hair removal.

It's one of our bestselling products for a reason, and so far, 100% of our reviewers would recommend Freya to a friend! We'll be breaking down your most asked questions about the eyebrow trimmer, as well as you can use and take care of your new BFF to ensure a long-life span.


How does the eyebrow trimmer work?   

The Freya Precision Eyebrow Hair Trimmer is an electric eyebrow hair remover tool made to ensure your hair removal process is quick and easy. The electric eyebrow trimmer removes eyebrow hair precisely without pulling and tagging hair follicles. In addition, the trimmer has built-in sharp steel, which gives a close cut to every eyebrow hair removed (no matter how short or fine) and reduces the chances of skin irritation.   

Trimming Eyebrows vs. Plucking 

Plucking, threading waxing was the way to go. However, we like to think that beauty doesn't have to mean pain, especially when it comes to eyebrow maintenance. The main complaint we usually hear is the unnecessary pain of the traditional methods as they all involve pulling individual eyebrow hair follicles (ouch!). While these methods may have been the most common way to shape your brows, they can be both time-consuming and uncomfortable. An eyebrow trimmer, like Freya, will give you as much control as a tweezer, but without the pain and time. 

Can I use a razor to shave my eyebrows?

When it comes to shaving your eyebrows, razors can work if you're looking to remove a large amount of eyebrow hairs. However, if you're looking for a more precise method, an eyebrow trimmer is your best bet. The fine tip of the trimmer pen was specifically designed to minimize the chances of shaving too much eyebrow hair off. The tip will also reach even the finest eyebrow hair, which most razors aren't able to do.

Using razors, especially if they are not specifically designed for eyebrow shaping, are more likely to generate razor burns and irritation than an electric eyebrow trimmer. This is because the skin's surface around the eyes and other parts of the face is more likely to be more sensitive than other parts of the body. The blades in the Freya eyebrow trimmer can be easily cleaned after every use with the provided cleaning brush. This means you'll have less of a chance of irritation the next time you use the device.

Roseskinco eyebrow trimmer

How to use the Roseskinco Precision Eyebrow Hair Trimmer

So, you're now ready to use the Freya Precision Eyebrow Trimmer. But before you get started, make sure the area around your eyebrow is clean and dry. For the best results, do not apply any creams, serums, makeup, or any other topical products before use.

Using the Freya Precision Eyebrow Hair Trimmer: 

  1. Remove the protective cap from the device
  2. Switch on the device by pressing the ON button.
  3. Gently pull back the skin and trim the area by moving the head of the pen in small circular motions.
  4. When you have finished trimming your eyebrows, apply a hydrating moisturizer to the area.

Don't forget to clean the device after every use. To do this, remove the trimmer's head and use the cleaning brush provided to dust off any excess hair.

Your most asked questions about the Freya Eyebrow Precision Hair Trimmer:

How Often Should You Use the Eyebrow Precision Trimmer?

For the best results, we recommend using the Eyebrow Trimmer once or twice a week. For every time you use it, please wait a few days in between before using it again. 

How long do eyebrows take to grow back after shaving? 

Depending on genetics, the average time for new eyebrow hairs to grow after shaving is approximately 2-6 weeks. The same applies to plucking and threading, which also takes around 2-6 weeks for eyebrow hair to grow back, depending on each person.

Can I use the Freya Eyebrow Trimmer to remove hair on other parts of the face?

Yes! The Eyebrow trimmer can be used to remove any fine hair on your face, like your upper lips, nose, and ears. Just don't forget to clean the device after every use!


Safety Advice

At RoseSkinCo, we ensure that every one of our products is safe to use. To provide you get the best use out of your eyebrow trimmer, here are few key tips to keep your handset in top condition: 

  • Please clean the device after every use.
  • Do not submerge your Freya Trimmer into water.
  • The device should only be used by users aged 16 and over.
  • Avoid using the eyebrow trimmer on broken skin and wounds.
  • If any signs of skin irritation occur, please stop using the device immediately.

RoseSkinCo 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason, the Freya Precision Eyebrow Trimmer doesn't work out, you can reach out to a member of the customer service team to return the product. Just send an email to, and a representative will be there to help you out as soon as possible. Please click here for more information on our 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee and the return policy and process.

As a beauty company, our philosophy is that beauty should be made simple. We design beauty solutions to make your routine more straightforward and more comfortable. The Freya Eyebrow Trimmer takes both the pain of hair removal and pricey salon visits so you can enjoy your naturally beautiful brows.