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Good and Bad RoseSkinCo Reviews: Everything You Should Know

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Good and Bad RoseSkinCo Reviews: Everything You Should Know Good and Bad RoseSkinCo Reviews: Everything You Should Know

If you're considering ditching old-school hair removal (hate you shaving), it pays to study up. While there's a million and one hair-removal methods on the market: the golden ticket is obviously at-home laser hair removal.

Eyeing up a laser hair removal handset? Let us give you the skinny on what everyone's saying about RoseSkinCo.

Who is RoseSkinCo?

Founded in 2019 in Montreal, Canada, our CEO realized there were so many handsets on the market yet such a disconnect between each business and the user. Everything was so complicated and embellished. “Beauty should be simple, especially if this product simplifies someone's daily life!” he thought. And so, RoseSkinCo was born.

In just under 24 months the RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset has helped thousands (and thousands...and thousands) of people worldwide to go hairless. Still wondering if RoseSkinCo is legit? Totally fine, read the DL on it here.

RoseSkinCo IPL Laser Hair Removal Before And After Review Picture

Why choose RoseSkinCo over other laser hair removal like Silk'n or Tria?

You've no doubt spent hours browsing the internet and can safely swear there are a LOT of laser hair removal devices on the market. Like 543436 to be precise. Just kidding, but still, overwhelming much? We get it. You're probably 5 hot minutes away from clicking add to cart and getting on with your day. But before you hit buy somewhere, keep reading. 


You want hair-free skin, and you want it fast. When shopping for an at-home IPL hair removal device, look for a company that offers reliable, fast, trackable, and (ideally!) FREE shipping so can have your device in-hand ASAP.

Be sure to review a company’s shipping policies carefully before choosing to order from them. Here at RoseSkinCo, we offer free worldwide shipping and clearly state expected delivery times here. Plus, if you ever have an issue with your order, our stellar customer service team is just an email away.



Beauty should be simple, therefore it should also be accessible. No extra frills, bells and unnecessary whistles – just a product that works and is affordable so every human can love the skin they're in. And that's exactly what we shoot for at RoseSkinCo. With lots of laser hair removal handsets online at varying price-points, trust your gut and go with a company with good (honest) reviews, reliable shipping and helpful customer service. Psst, grab your glasses and don't forget to check out before and after picture reviews!


Yep. With great power often comes great pain (100% not a Yoda quote). Unfortunately other handsets on the market that are supppper powerful also are pretty darn painful. Why? Well lots of reasons, but a big one is the IPL vs laser hair removal pain factor. It doesn't matter if you go for painful laser hair removal or a gentler handset like the RoseSkinCo™ IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset – either way, you'll end up with the same hairless result. The only difference is one will get you there slightly quicker and at the cost of a lot of pain on the reg. #Ouch

Good and Bad RoseSkin Co Reviews

There's no point in beating around the bush. Every business in the world occasionally gets bad reviews and we believe in owning our crap. Nothing helps the universe more than a little transparency, so we encourage you to read our verified reviews from 50,000+ satisfied customers, watch a YouTube review and reach out to us if you have any questions! We'd love to hear from you.

“I just have done it once and I can actually see the difference I can tell how in my arm pit the hair it’s not growing that fast as it used to. I can’t wait for the next weeks.” – Lorena C

“The delivery was a roller coaster, everyday tracking and one month later it finally arrived. I was starting to believe that someone had stolen my money and ran. But thankfully that was not the case. I only used a couple of times, but I can see the results already.” – Carla S