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A spring clean beauty routine: switching out your winter skincare for spring!

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A spring clean beauty routine: switching out your winter skincare for spring! A spring clean beauty routine: switching out your winter skincare for spring!

The seasons are changing and with dry air, warmer temperatures, and increased UV exposure, it's time for an update to you spring skincare routine!

Your skincare needs and priorities will shift as we enter springtime. We all know that the cold, dry weather wreaks havoc on our bodies and leads to issues like dry and chapped skin. But now that spring has sprung, and summer is on its way, our new regimen and practices should focus on sun protection, switching to lightweight formulas, and long-lasting hair removal for bikini season!

Here’s our spring skincare tips what you’ll need to do to update your beauty routine for the warmer seasons:

 1. Switch from your heavy cream to a lightweight moisturizer 

Spring Skincare Tips 2022

With winter coming to an end, it's time to switch your heavy creams to a lightweight formula. Hydration is always important when it comes to good skincare. 

Heavy creams are a necessity during the winter months to keep the skin hydrated and protected from the elements while also locking in your skin's natural moisture. However, because they're often thicker and richer, warm temperatures can leave your face feeling oily and greasy. Lighter lotions are thinner and can usually absorb more quickly than heavier formula —allowing your skin to keep stay moisturized throughout the day. 

When looking for a moisturizer for spring opt for a water-base product or gel formula. However, if you’re not quite ready to let go of your winter cream, you can still use it at night or on areas of your body that tend to dry out more quickly—like your hands, neck, and chest.

2. Keep using your strong SPF!

While you're getting ready to bust out your spring outfits, make sure you're not forgetting one of the most essential parts of your routine: sunscreen.

No matter what time of year it is, you should always be wearing an SPF of at least 30. But during the spring and summer months, when we spend more time outside and are exposed to direct sunlight, it becomes even more critical to protect from VA and UVB rays that can cause sun damage and premature wrinkles. Plus, you have acne scarring or redness, excessive sun exposure can cause any signs of skin hyperpigmentation to darken and be harder to get rid of.

So, after you complete your usual morning skincare routine, apply about ¼ teaspoon of sunscreen to your face, neck, and chest. Wait until it’s completely dry before applying any face makeup. If you’re spending most of your day outside in the sun, make sure you’re also wearing a hat and re-applying your SPF every 2 hours at the minimum!

Spring Skincare Tips 2022

3. Don’t forget about after-sun care!

As spring rolls around, you're probably getting excited about all the sun-soaking fun you're going to have - whether you're taking a day trip to the beach or heading out for a weekend camping trip. Even if you're consistently applying sunscreen, sometimes the hot sun can still cause sunburn. That's why it's important to have an after-sun care routine ready to go when you need it. 

An after-sun care treatment helps to prevent burns and irritation from affecting your skin’s overall health. It's especially important to use after-sun care if you are naturally fair and have a skin type that is prone to dryness. Most after-sun care products and treatments will contain aloe vera, which has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe sunburn and repair damaged skin. You can also use pure aloe vera and apply it directly to your skin.

4. Get ahead with long-lasting hair removal

As the days start to get warmer, we’re saying see you later to our heavy coats and sweaters and switching them out for cute sundresses, shorts, and swimwear. If you’re like almost every woman in the winter, you’ve probably decided to give your shaver a break. But with springtime, it means less clothes and more skin. If you've been thinking about getting rid of unwanted hair, now's a great time to start an IPL hair removal treatment. 

IPL hair removal is a simple and easy process that saves you from having to shave or wax on the regular. It uses light pulses to destroy your hair follicles, which means that by the time bikini season rolls around, you'll be able to wear whatever swimsuit you want without having to worry about last-minute shaving sessions.

An essential addition to any beauty regimen, Lumi removes body hair, leaving behind smooth skin that lasts for months. It’s an at-home device which you can use in your own time. Lumi is gentle enough to use on your face and bikini area, however, if you do have extra-sensitive skin, you can also try our 4D shaver which comes with our Spring into Skincare Bundle.

IPL is a great option for people seeking long-term hair removal results. We usually recommend using an IPL device around the beginning of spring to get ahead for summer. However, if you do live in an area with a warmer climate and strong sunshine, check out our blog post on using our IPL devices during the summer!

Spring Skincare Tips 2022

 5. Clean makeup brushes and skincare tools

The time has come to air out your sheets, clear out your closet, and… spring clean your makeup brushes and skincare tools. Yup! We're talking about those makeup brushes you've been meaning to wash for the past few months and all the other skincare tools you promised to clean last Fall. It doesn't take much time, but it makes all the difference in your skincare.

It’s important to make habit of cleaning any beauty tool that comes into contact with your face to prevent bacteria from building up, causing your pores to clog and skin to breakout. Make some time to deep clean your makeup brushes at least once a week, using a brush cleanser or dish soap with a dash of olive oil. Run your brushes under lukewarm water, then lather them up while gently squeezing out the makeup residue. Rinse them then lay them flat on a towel to dry. For skincare tools, you can use your own face cleanser to wash and rinse.  

 6. Take time to cool down your skin 

As much as we love feeling the warm sun on our faces, we want to make sure you're staying cool and fresh during the warmer season. 

Water sprays are one of the easiest ways to quickly refreshen the skin and cool down throughout the day. Look for a spray that's formulated for your skin type and keep it with you throughout the day to prevent heat-related breakouts or dryness.

If you find yourself feeling hot at night, you can use a rose quartz roller, like Riya, to cool down. Real rose quartz is a naturally cooling stone that can maintain its normal temperature even on the hottest days. However, for an extra cool down you can detach the head from Riya, and leave the rose quartz roller to chill in the freezer for a few hours before using it in your skincare routine. 

Spring Skincare Tips 2022

We want you to feel both comfortable and beautiful in your own skin, which means that when the seasons change, so should your skincare regimen. To ensure your beauty routine is on point this Spring/Summer, check out our beauty tech tools, including our hair removal bundle sets with our new IPL handset, Lumi, and our best-selling OG.  

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