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No more salon trips every week.

Get at-home full body treatment in just 30 minutes. Netflix & Lumi, anyone?

No more awkward stubble by evening.

See less hair growth after one use, noticeable results in just 3 weeks, and full results in 6-12 weeks. 

No more painful wax strips.

Unlike other types of hair removal, Lumi is pain-free, safe, & gentle.

Lumi & PCOS

Unwanted body hair is never fun to deal with – but when you’re dealing with PCOS, it can be more than just an occasional annoyance.

While Lumi does not treat PCOS, it can help you get rid of unwanted body hair growth caused by PCOS – for good. Lumi is an at-home hair removal device that targets unwanted hairs at the root and destroys them with light pulses (IPL) without burning or damaging your skin.

This PCOS facial hair solution stops hair from growing back for long-term hair reduction. You can use Lumi to get rid of hair on your chin, face, or anywhere else below your cheekbones. Full-body treatment takes just 30 minutes.

How To Lumi:

1. Cleanse Your Skin.

Shave first to prep your skin for IPL treatment. (If you’re targeting PCOS facial hair growth, dermaplaning also works!) Be sure your skin is completely clean and dry, free of any lotions or gels.

2. Adjust Intensity from 6 Intensity Levels for Faster Results

Turn your device on and select your intensity. Lumi has 6 intensity levels to choose from – we recommend choosing the lowest level for your first treatment and working up from there.

3. Flash Away

Place Lumi flush with your skin, press the pulse button to flash, then move on to the next spot. Repeat until you’ve treated the entire desired area. Plan on 10 min to treat your face or 30 for full body.

4. Enjoy Smooth Skin!

Expect to start seeing a reduction in hair growth after just 3-4 sessions – then, after 12 sessions (6-12 weeks) you’ll enjoy dolphin-smooth, touchably soft, HAIR-FREE skin. Permanently!




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Lumi Q&A

4.5 Stars from over 30,000 members.

OMG honestly don't believe the change!!

I've used my handset 3 times so far and I already see a huge difference. I suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and one of the symptoms is excess hair. I ordered Lumi a tiny bit skeptical because I had done in office treatments before and I thought to myself "how is this device going to match up to a professional machine?" Well, you guys proved me wrong and I'm so happy with my purchase so far!



I purchased the Lumi because I've had facial hair all of my life . I've waxed , tweezed and shaved almost daily. I also had hair on my chin and neck. I've only been using Lumifor six weeks now twice a week and my hair hardly grows back between sessions, I'm excited because I'm only on the fourth strength . Next week I will do two treatments on the fifth strength . I highly recommend this product for facial hair.


It actually works!

Having lived with PCOS for many years I have tried several of these devices in the past which have never worked. I was thinking of getting laser hair removal again but saw this and decided to give a device another go before parting with a lot of money. I am so pleased that it works and have seen significant reduction along with less time spent removing hair.